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SHOP Healthcare

Work wear for medical, healthcare and dentistry professionals is our strength. We developed our very own anti-microbial fabric, BioGarde, which is effective against coronavirus within two hours. Our people work closely with a range of healthcare clients - including New Zealand’s largest hospitals - to develop or source medical and nursing uniforms. We can supply every garment worn in hospitals, clinics and laboratories, including tunics, pants, shirts, dresses, surgical scrubs, patient gowns and lab coats.

Enhance the appearance of your salon or spa with custom uniforms that allow your employees to look stylishly professional. For the beauty care and medi-spa sector, our healthcare expertise is balanced by current fashion knowledge to create or source comfortable, contemporary garments that your therapists and support staff will love to wear. You can expect a true point of difference with a bespoke uniform, as well as garments that continue to look great wash after wash.

The expertise of our designers will ensure people look confident and feel comfortable in their brand-compliant work attire. If your company is adopting a standardised corporate uniform for the first time, we can help you to manage the transition and reap the branding benefits that come with a flattering, fashionable corporate wardrobe. Our corporate clients include hotels, financial services and real estate companies, amongst others. For employees beyond the standard size and those with special requirements, we can manufacture made-to-measure garments.


SHOP Hospitality

Impress your guests with a unified look for your people, from front of house to behind the scenes. Our hospitality uniform expertise will ensure all your team members are comfortable and on brand. Your brand will be well-represented by your front of house, concierge, and reception staff. For the kitchen team, we can deliver chef jackets, shirts, pants, aprons and hats that are fashionable and functional. Our designers know how to provide housekeeping staff all the freedom-of-movement they need, while also maintaining the highest standards of presentation.


SHOP Industrial

Our collection of industrial uniforms is designed to meet the unique demands of various trades. For construction, maintenance, and traffic management professionals, we offer a wide range of durable workwear, including overalls, high-visibility vests and jackets, work pants, and footwear. These garments are crafted from durable materials that can withstand the toughest conditions, providing the utmost protection while ensuring freedom of movement.