Winter Essentials: Merino

FEATUREMay 8, 2019

An exciting aspect of our newest merino designs is a mix and match approach to garment type, neckline and sleeve variation. We’ve modified a classic block to offer four styles – cardigan, dress, tunic and top. Each comes with neckline and sleeve variations, including the on-trend trumpet sleeve. So now you can create bespoke merino garments that really do the job.

What makes merino marvellous?

Merino wool is a highly resilient textile; it’s also supremely comfortable to wear. When knitted into a fabric, the fibres trap heat very efficiently. Weight for weight, merino is much warmer than a synthetic fabric. At the same time it’s breathable, so that moisture between your skin and the garment can escape. Anybody who’s worn merino while hiking will also tell you that it’s not inclined to get whiffy.

Another thing that makes merino the best textile for winter knits is its ability to be washed in a machine. Just use the hand wash cycle with a medium spin speed.