BioGarde resistant to coronavirus

OUR WORKJul 27, 2021

Late last year we received exciting news regarding BioGarde, the innovative fabric Fashion Uniforms developed over ten years ago. For more than a decade, BioGarde has been used to make uniforms for many sectors, including medical (including 15 New Zealand District Health Boards), medical centres, aged care, dental, labs and more. And in late 2020 we had some exciting test results from an independent international laboratory…

BioGarde has tested POSITIVE for being resistant to:
• Coronavirus
• Klebsiella pneumoniae
• Staphylococcus aureus

Even better, this result was achieved with BioGarde fabric that had been washed 100 times – twice as often as the tests of any other antiviral and antibacterial fabric we’ve seen around the world.

We’ve always been proud that our homegrown, pioneering BioGarde fabric is antibacterial, home-launderable, anti-odour, hardwearing and effective after 100 washes – that it’s tested positive in reducing coronavirus by 99.46% within two hours is just the cherry on the top.

Of course, while BioGarde uniforms add another layer of protection, we still recommend teams wearing BioGarde uniforms follow WHO recommendations, keeping up the frequent hand washing and wearing of PPE.

To find out more about BioGarde, the test results, and how laboratories test textiles and coronavirus, please visit To enquire about fitting your team out in uniforms made from the coronavirus-resistant BioGarde, please contact us.