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Why We're Proud Of Our Work in 2020

Chloe Sharplin -

Chloe at Fashion Uniforms

A message from our GM, Chloe Sharplin


Wow, what a year 2020 has been. It really motivated us, as a team and a business, and looking back on the past 12 months, I’m so proud of what we achieved. There’s a few things you might not know about how we worked during the pandemic that I’d like to share with you:

  • Demand for our uniforms went sky-high. We had an influx of orders as our clients kicked into gear to get uniforms for redeployment of their staff – for those heading to the airport, aged-care facilities, community health, testing stations, quarantine hotels, additional staff at the hospitals and more. We were right by their side, working hard making to order, dispatching, and working our supply chain to deliver what was needed.
  • We increased capacity to help get GPs, community workers, dentists, accident and medical staff, and hotel housekeeping staff into uniform at short notice.
  • We divided our team up into two and devised split shifts so there waws social distancing and worst-case scenario that if one team got Covid, the other team could still work.
  • We turned into a 7-day operation, to ensure we could deliver, at a time when it was needed it the most.
  • Some of our team were scared, they were frightened, but they courageously kept coming in to work each shift because they knew what they were doing mattered. They knew that producing uniforms for frontline staff made a massive difference to those who were putting their safety at risk every day.
  • I spent time doing fittings on-site at Auckland Hospital because our usual fitter was pregnant – that time spent among medical professionals just reiterated to me what an incredible job our medical staff in New Zealand do.
  • Our months and months’ worth of stock was quickly depleted – we were sending out our Fashion Uniforms medical-grade Biogarde tunics, unisex active pants and scrubs in their thousands! Due to forward planning and a dedicated supply chain, we had plenty on their way to ensure supply to our loyal customer base.
  • This unrelenting pace continued for three months and helped our team have a real sense of purpose over this time.
  • We airfreighted urgent stock to ensure we could meet demand.

We did whatever we could to ensure we continued to deliver the same quality experience you’ve grown to expect for us. I am beyond proud to say that we didn’t let anyone down.

A heartfelt thank you to our Fashion Uniforms team who truly went over and beyond for our customers this year. We are so grateful to have such a solid, caring team of people – they have earned their Christmas break this year, for sure!

Chloe Sharplin
General Manager, Fashion Uniforms